The Opto&Coax SPDIF-in/out FrontPanel
for SoundBlaster Audigy/Live! and CMI8738 sound cards !

(Nice Priced Optical FrontPanel)

No Problem...

We have got the POFP for you -
a Front Panel solution for your digital audio needs.

The POCAB allready enabled optical and coaxial connections to your digital sound devices...
The POFP finally makes your computer a comfortable sound machine!

The POFP has got

Furthermore you can install an additional digital extension (like a POAB, POCAB or a second POFP) using the optiCompo-Bus.

The front panel is easy to install:
Simmply remove one of the 5" front covers, install the POFP instead, connect current and sound card - That's it! You don't even have to install additional software; the standard sound card drivers include the necessary SPDIF features.

The POFP is the easiest way to connect MD, CD, DAT or any other digital sound device to your computer!!!

Technical Data:

Port / Feature
Sample Rate
Optical and Coax SPDIF - IN
(TOSlink / Cinch/RCA)
32 , 44.1 and 48 kHz
Optical and Coax SPDIF - OUT
(TOSlink / Cinch/RCA)
48 kHz
Analog (AUX) line - IN (Cinch/RCA)
Digital INPUT Select Switch (Optical/Coax/Extension)

The POFP provides furthermore the possibility to plug in additional digital boards. The picture below shows the second connector X2 for a POAB or POCAB. This enables to connect several digital hifi devices at the same time. In case you extend using a POCAB, you can use 4 SPDIF signal outputs (all active) and 4 inputs (switchable via the POFP).

The POFP includes

Supported CMI8738 sound cards are e.g. Zoltrix Nightingale or AudioExcel AV511.

Our POFP has been subject to a three pages Review of the online hardware magazine electic | tech where we earned 8.775 out of 10.000 points.
Local review image
electic | tech

If you like to buy a POFP you can choose among POFP silver (front plate in silver color) and POFP white (front plate in white color).

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