Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy your products?

You will find a list of resellers at digital audio resellers.

Do POCAB, POAB, POFP, Unicon include all necessary cables?

We deliver all products including a complete set of cables for the connection to your sound card.

I have got a "XYZ" MD recorder / DAT recorder / SPDIF device - will it work with SB Audigy / SB Live! / CMI8738 sound cards?

In general all SPDIF audio devices work with these sound cards. For older device models you should make sure that a sample rate converter is included (please consult the device's manual).

In the SB Audigy settings you can select the output sample rate to comply with your hifi device (supports 44.1, 48 and 96kHz).

As a digital output the SBLive! only offers 48 kHz sample rate, the recording device has to include a sample rate converter.

CMI8738 sound cards (like Zoltrix Nightingale, AudioExcel AV511) deliver a digital output of 44.1 kHz sample rate.

Some common sampling rates:

  • 32 KHz - DSR, Digital Radio
  • 44.1 kHz - CD-Audio
  • 48 kHz - DAT, video
  • 88.2 kHz - DVD audio
  • 96 kHz - DVD
  • Why does only POFP work with CMI8738 sound cards although POAB and POCAB have the same connector?

    POAB and POCAB take their current via the SoundBlaster. But CMI8738 sound cards do not supply current for external brackets. So only the POFP, which has a seperate power supply, can convert signals from CMI8738 sound cards.

    What about Dolby 5.1 (AC-3) and e.g. Power DVD, is this supported by POCAB / POAB / POFP ?

    AC-3 is just a special type of SPDIF signal, so all our boards will convert it properly. Software tools like Power DVD 2.0 use the SPDIF output of the SB Audigy, SBlive! or AudioExcel to prepare an AC3 signal. I.e. there are no barriers to build up your home cinema in digital audio quality!

    I have got a POAB / POCAB / POFP and the SB Audigy Player and want to connect my PC to my hi-fi system (digital receiver) via SPDIF.
    Unfortunately I cannot get 5.1 sound working. What can I do?

    First please check the driver / mixer settings:
  • Creative Surround Mixer:
        - "Digital Output Only" is ON
        - "Dolby Digital (AC-3) Decode" is OFF.
    (This setting otherwise means that internal AC-3 streams are converted to ANALOG 5.1 signals.)
  • Creative Audio HQ > Device Controls:
        If the quality of the digital signal is poor than you can adjust the digital sampling rate here.

    If no adjustment of the driver is working, it is possible that you have got an SB Audigy with hardware malfunction:
    The SB Audigy (1) is available in different hardware versions like SB0090 and SB0092 (model no. on the sound card).
    The SB0090 shows problems with the rear channel and the functionality of the FireWire adapter. Some of the SB0090 cards furthermore are unable to deliver AC3 output.
    [ For further details please see (--> "Compatibility"). ]
    In this case you should try to replace the sound card.

    Where do I get additional information on your digital audio products?

    You can download the manuals at the support section.

    I still have questions ... !

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