The active optical coupler device
for all digital Signals based on TOSlink optical fibre (SPDIF, AC-3, DTS, ....)

TOSAmp (Pro Version)

You know the problem: You have got an AC-3 amplifier, an MD Recorder or another cool device with TOSlink (optical fibre) out/input. And you like to connect it e.g. to your soundcard to enjoy some digital sound .... but the computer is not placed close enough to your HiFi device. This is a real problem, because the optical transmitters have not enough power to drive 10m TOSlink cable error-free (possibly the bit-error rate increases to much)!

A poor solution would be to use 75 Ohm coaxial cable for longer distances, but you must fight interference effects caused by electrical coupling of computer and audio device as well as in the cable itself coupling to other electrical wires e.g. a parallel telephone line or power supply cable ... very poor.

Stay tuned optically !
Get optical signal ranges larger than 10 m / 33 ft !

The TOSAmp is a simple but powerful Optical Amplification Box which gives you the freedom to place your audio devices wherever you like them all over your residence but connect them loss-free.

The TOSAmp works like this:

(TOSAmp standard Version cabling)

Technical Data:

Sample Rate
Optic SPDIF (TOSlink) - in
Coaxial SPDIF (RCA) - in
32 , 44.1, 48 kHz
and AC-3
Optic SPDIF (TOSlink)  - out
32, 44.1 , 48 kHz
and AC-3
TOSlink (optical)
max. signal range
up to
10m / 33 ft
TOSAmp on
10m / 33 ft ( standard )
1000m / 3300 ft ( pro )
Power Supply
via optional external
9V..16V @ 80mA
power supply unit

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