the first universal SPDIF TOSlink <-> COAX (RCA) /
TOSlink <-> TTL Converter for your Computer Slot!

The ultimative Converter for TOSlink IN/OUT
to COAX (RCA) or TTL (2 pin) S/PDIF Format

Our UNICON converts the SPDIF signals of your sound card, the CDROM (2pin TTL) or external digital sources (COAX / RCA) to the well spread TOSlink standard.
One big advantage respective to normal converters is the fact that you don't need an external power supply or other cable chaos.
The price is also very attractive: it is just slot architecture, but you achieve a full value two-way converter.

A small example for the usage:

The UNICON has been successfully tested with various hardware components, e.g.

SBlive! (full version), Zoltrix Nightingale Sound (CMI8738 Chip), AudioExcel AV510 (CMI8338), AV511 (CMI8738), PC-Chips Motherboards sound on board, Asus P5AB-Sound Motherboard, PC-Chips sound cards as well as VideoLogic DVD Player...

The quality of this connection is excellent. We performed some test measurements using the AV510 and two MiniDisc recorders from Sharp and Sony...

Ok, now a photo for all who already plan how to include their new UNICON best:

The concept of the UNICON:

Technical Data:

The UNICON works at all sample rates up to 6 Mbit/s (96 kHz DVD standard).
This means 32kHz (DSR digital radio), 44.1kHz (CD), 48kHz (DAT) as well as 96kHz (DVD).

The Unicon is a PC-internal digital format converter and universal adapter for TTL level SPDIF. In- and Output can be configured independently for optical TOSlink <- / -> coaxial RCA OR optical TOSlink <- / -> TTL SPDIF conversion.

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