letATwork starter board

ATmega103/128 microboard evaluation-kit

new letATwork starter board with letATwork module

The new starter board is compatibel to the old one but has some more features like onboard 32KB highspeed SRAM (15ns), Latch, LCD connector and address-bus connector.

The new starter board is designed for the letATworkII, so it does not have the extra RS232 conversion (this conversion is allready done on the microboard).

The set includes manual, CDROM, the ISP Programming Dongle and a serial cable to connect your computer to the RS232.

To work with the starterboard you will need a letAtwork II module; please choose the MCU and crystal frequency. (The letATwork board itself is no longer included in the set like it was for the old set.)

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new letATwork starter board

The new Starter Board Set includes:


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