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Embedded iNet

i-easy pro i-easy pro - PPP-TCP/IP Module
The i-easy is a tiny, low-cost PPP-TCP/IP module for attaching custom hardware to the internet using a Multiprocessor 8bit RISC Design of ATmega323 and Seiko iChip. It is a full Internet node build in size of a matchbox (54.0 x 39.5 mm).
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ATmega103/128 Developer Tools

letATwork II
The letATwork is a micro board for the Atmel ATmega103 and it's descendant ATmega128 additionally equipped with a Reset IC, ISP (in-system programing) interface, 5V voltage regulator and an RS232 level output. (Size: 45 x 46 sq.mm)
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letATwork II
letATwork ISP adapter letATwork ISP Programer
This in-system-programing adapter for the letATwork is compatible with a multitude of well known compilers. If will be delivered including the multi-chip burning tool PonyProg.
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Starter Board
This evaluation board is excellent for testing your own ideas quickly and soldering-free. Combined with a letATworkII you can use RAM, Latch, LCD interface and address bus. And for sure you also have RS232 port, a 5V / 1A - voltage regulator and power supply connector.
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letATwork Starterboard

Agenda VR3 Add On

VR3 Pocket Ethernet VR3 Pocket Ethernet
We developed an ethernet add on for Agenda Computing's VR3 Linux PDA.
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egnite's EtherNut

Harald Kipp's Ethernut is a tiny, low-cost Ethernet board for attaching custom hardware directly to a network. It is a full Internet node build on a standard, half-sized Euroboard.
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