i-easy pro


i-easy pro Do you like to ...

.. send / receive e-mails?
.. browse the web?
.. build thin http servers?
.. upload realtime data?
.. remotely control machines?
.. use big databases?
.. get server time?
.. use standard RS232?

.. and all embedded with 5V @ 10.9mA ...

Our PPP client enables TCP/IP with your modem!

Technical Data

The i-easy pro PPP iNet Module has got the following features:

i-easy includes a GNU-C Compiler for Windows and Linux, GNU-C OpenSource Libs. and getting-started Demo Application.

To get an impression have a look at the available documentation:

i-easy pro Datasheet
i-easy SW Getting Started Guide
  • i-easy Software Getting Started (18 pages)
    This manual should help you to get the first steps of working with the i-easy pro.
    The first time steps are: Installing the AVR-GCC Compiler; installing and configuring AVR Studio; customising and building the ieasy demo project and flashing the module.
    After that we will have a closer look at the principles of TCP/IP and give a first impression of the i-easy lib.

There is also a Connection / Debug Adaptor available to give your applications a confortable platform.

i-easy pro with debug adaptor
The adaptor has got
i-easy pro debug adaptor
For adaptor details please have a look at the i-easy pro datasheet.

Further information and downloads are available at
  • http://embedded-inet.com
  • support@embedded-inet.com.

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