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June, 14th 2000

Today we installed the long desired online shop; now you can buy our products even more comfortable worldwide. The shop was concepted a way that people without a credit card can also shop using alternative ways of payment. The costs for post and package are dynamic, depending on the weight of the products, so even for small orders you don't pay too much.

Now our new products: our SPDIF-Coax-switch-box unfortunately took longer than expected, e specially the casing and the providing of the CPU are responsible for the delay.
Furtheron we developed a TOSlink amplifier which increases the signal strength for critical cable lengths of more than 10 m optical fiber. It will soon appear on this side and be deliverable in two versions (10m/1km cable length).

January, 6th 2000

After some months a new article for our news section. First we wish a happy and successful new millennium to all our customers and to the visitors of this side.

Now the headings: much has happened in recent time (although not at our home page). We developed a small pin adapter which at last supports all SBlive! versions. So every of our boards / panels is compatible to SBlive! Full, Player 1024 , Value (old style), Platinum. As a goody one can connect the POFP to the AudioExcel using this adapter. So we reached the POFP.

The POFP will soon be available in an extended version. If will include an additional plug for the connection of a further optiCompo board. This way you can e.g. have a POFP and a POAB plugged to the SBlive! at the same time. There will be a hardware switch build-in to the POFP to select the signal source.

Furtheron we have worked out a concept for a computer-controlled SPDIF/COAX-switching-box ... Keep your tension under control until the 2nd quarter of this year!

June, 17th 1999

Today we set up our home page to the new domain, so the mystic "snafu"-url (our old provider) is gone ;-).

Ok, the news:
we added a new product called TosSet. The TosSet can do every TOSlink in/out job in your computer and is available for a super nice price (72 US $). The set includes our UNICON converter and the Audio Excel AV510 sound card. For more information please consult the product description.

April, 26th 1999

We made it: there are two new products out and the ideas still don't leave us. One hand there is the POFP - our front panel version of the POCAB plus some additional features, the other hand we have the UNICON as a universal SPDIF coax & TTL to TOSlink converter.

  • The POFP caused us a little headache. The main problem was not an electrical one (as a descendant of the POCAB the circuits already perform good jobs in the whole world) but a mechanical. Actually we gave an order to a laser cutting company to cut the breakthroughs within the front plate. Then we will mark the exits on the plate (so it's not as simple and uncomfortable as it looks on the prototype-foto). In his first version the POFP is compatible to the SBlive! Value but we will bring out a UNICON-kind version pretty soon.
  • The UNICON is the answer to many, many questions and suggestions of the last months. Using the UNICON will e.g. deliver the possibility to connect via a TOSlink interface to the SBlive! (full version), the AudioExcel AV510 (yes, the one for 16 US$ which features 24 bit SPDIF in/out), Turtle Beach FIJI, other high end sound cards, cd-rom drives and also external signal sources. For example "I like to record the coax SPDIF signal of the digital radio to mini disc, but the MD recorder has only got TOSlink input ...": Check!
    Everyone who still is not sure: The UNICON is nearly unavoidable!

    March, 7th 1999

    Today we finished the POCAB, in about one week the selling will start. Pre-orders will be taken with great pleasure, who orders first servs first (so go for it!).
    The POCAB includes a logic IC to decide which input (optical or coaxial) gives a signal. This one will be connected automatically to the SPDIF_IN port of the SBlive! Value.
    If you don't depend on midi connections, the SBLive! Value + POCAB will give you a more extensive but inexpensive solution compared to the original ;->

    February, 24th 1999

    Because of the big demand for the POAB for the Soundblasterlive! Value we nearly don't manage the manufacturing of the boards. Despite this we decided to give the joy of an optical interface to some other sound cards. Adapting other sound cards will not be a big problem.

    We already finished a version for the Asus P5A(-B) motherboard with C-Media Audio Chip which finally has to run some tests. (If you like to test it, don't wait to contact us!).

    It also will make sense to support the following cards:

  • Soundblaster live! (full version) (already in development)
  • Turtle Beach Montego (Maybe there is not yet a software for this?!)
  • Cybercom SoundPro HT-8338
  • Cybercom SoundPro HT-1689
  • ....

    If you are interested in an adaptation for these cards or if you can give us any hints please contact us!


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