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July, 1st 2002

We decided to split the fields of interest of Opticompo Electronics into two companies:

  • Bergmann Electronics, Henry Bergmann, now holds the letATwork development board series and supplies ATmega103/128 MCUs.
  • Embedded-inet Solutions, Robert Bastubbe, specializes on embedded networking (i-easy, softPPP, VR3 pocket ethernet) and furtheron holds the Digital Audio product line.
  • The Opticompo pages will be serviced by Embedded-inet and now give priority to information and support for the Digital Audio products.

    June, 22nd 2002

    The evolution of i-easy goes on:

  • Having allready done the step from AT90S8515 to ATmega323 in February, which marked the transition to i-easy pro, we now can announce the development of a new PPP-TCP/IP stack: softPPP to replace the Seiko S-7601 iChip for the coming weeks. The new PPP stack will be mostly compatible to our old library.
    You might watch the progress of the i-easy project on it's new homepage:

    January, 30th 2002

    After some time an accumulative bulletin:

  • From now on the letATworkII is also available with ATmega128-16AI. Yesterday we finally got some of the rare MCs to equip our boards. Please place your order in the online-shop.
  • At end of October the i-easy was introduced on our homepage. The i-easy is a small PPP-TCP/IP module based on the AT90S8515 Microcontroller and the Seiko S-7600A TCP/IP stack with PPP dialup (also known as iChip). It has got an amazingly low power-consumption of only 9mA at 5V.
  • The letATwork rev. II itself was introduced at end of September. Additionally to its predecessor's features it has got an enhanced 4-layer design and RS232 level in/output (jumper select).
  • The Pocket Ethernet is out (since start of November). It includes all necessary software to be used with the Agenda VR3 PDA and a detailed documentation. The Ethernet Add-On can be purchased from Agenda Computing Germany.

    July, 2th 2001

    In cooperation with Agenda Computing Germany we develop an Ethernet Add On for their VR3 Linux PDA.
    The Technology is based on our "Ethernut" Hard and Software Design. The upcoming product will work as packet paddle wheel from Ethernet to the high speed clocked Serial Port of the VR3.

    See the state of development from 5th to 8th July 2001 at the "LINUX-Tag" in Stuttgart, Germany:
    Visit Agenda Computing Germany in Hall 5.0, Stand 246.
    Agenda Computing

    February, 10th 2001

    Our POFP has been subject to a three pages review at electic | tech where we got 8.775/10.000 in their rating! electic | tech

    December, 4th 2000

    The long time expected TOSAmp is finally available:
    Because the transmission performance of TOSlink modules is only sufficient for 10m TOSlink Cable, the TOSAmp is ideal to bridge distances of more than 10m optically and loss-free.
    The Standard Version offers a signal amplification for additional 10m TOSlink Cable, whereas the Pro Version serves as a converter for up to 1km of Special-TOSlink-Cabel.

    October, 23rd 2000

    First we introduce our new letAtwork evalutation board. Using this starter board building AVR-mega-based circuits is mere child's play. Without any soldering you can test complex devices/circuits.
    Our embedded system products are now also available in Sweden / Denmark / Finland and Norway directly; our new distributor LAWICEL Soft & Hardware cares for a good product service in Scandinavia.
    Furthermore new is the development and sales partnership with Egnite GmbH. This partnership aims to offer common products in the areas embedded ethernet, thin client technology and optical networks. According to this our direct shop's offer enhanced.

    October, 5th 2000

    Our Digital Audio Shop has moved, you will find it on the optiBits Server (incl. the TOSSet - and optical fiber offers).
    The ATmega Products, which enrich our home page since several weeks, are still available
    directly at our page. In the US you have got the possibility to get them via Akida LLC.
    In both areas we are still interested in requests of additional retailers / distributors.


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